Every week, St Anne’s gets wonderful donations from so many people – some big, some small, all incredibly gratefully received.

This week, volunteers collected 180 chicken pies from our local heroes Higgidy Pies in Shoreham.

We also picked up a big order of snacks and treats destined for our daily goody bags, generously donated by Asda’s community manager at Brighton Marina. And we took delivery of our first supplies from Pocket Angel, the app company that allows you to donate to the homeless without using cash. You can read more about Pocket Angel on our Supporters Page.

We couldn’t provide food for the numbers we do each day without the consistent support and care of local businesses. The provisions go straight to people who are hungry, cold and vulnerable in our local community. A hot pie, with cauliflower cheese and mash, plus a bag of fruit, bread, chocolate and crisps (plus a handy hand-warmer) went out to more than thirty people today. Thanks to you all, and to the volunteers who make this happen every weekday!