Despite the new lockdown, St Anne’s Centre is currently open – for takeaway lunch from noon every weekday. If you are hungry or lonely, or you just want to say hello and grab a bite to eat, please come along for a hot lunch and a goodie bag to go. It’s all socially distanced and Covid-aware. Thank you to all our clients for abiding by the rules.

We’ve also got lots of hand-knitted woolly hats and scarves, some warm clothes, plenty of toiletries, tinned foods, and – thanks to our supporter Kate Latter – some great doggie jackets and treats!

We’re lucky to get plenty of dog visitors at St Anne’s, and we love seeing them. Quite a few clients rely on their pets as a lifeline and companion on the streets, where life can be frightening, cold and lonely. They bring a bit of joy, love and warmth to us all.

These are pictures of some of our most recent visitors – they all got Christmas presents too this year. You are not alone in these difficult days.