We are so lucky to have people who support the work of St Anne’s – from the consistent efforts of our team of volunteers, to the many fundraisers whose donations large and small allow us to continue to provide hot meals and support to our clients, even when the going gets tough.

One of the important donations we get every year is Lee’s delicious Christmas cake. He makes it, ices it and decorates it himself, and it’s a real treat for everyone to share. Thank you to Lee (below), and thanks for the many shifts he has done at the Centre over the last few years – he’s one of our heroes.

In fact, all of our volunteers deserve a big cheer – this year, we have postponed our Christmas get-together (again!), but we will get the chance in 2022 to say a proper thank you in person. We meet such interesting and lovely people who volunteer at St Anne’s – some are students, some retired, some have had experience living on the street, some have a comfortable life but want to make a difference in their local community. Thank you to each and every one of them for all their hard work and commitment (and banter!)

We’re grateful for substantial donations this Christmas from the staff and students at Brighton College and Bhasvic, both local institutions whose fundraising will help us to continue opening our doors through 2022 (we loved the Brighton College Happy Socks too, thank you 💕) And this year, we had a wonderful donation of funds, gifts and toiletries from the Brighton and Hove Clinic School (below right), a small hospital school for children with special educational needs who put on a brilliant Christmas Fete to fundraise for St Anne’s.

We’d also like to thank the sisters at the Poor Servants Convent in Roehampton for their very generous donation, the Norman Trust for its continued support, the Co Op for its on-going involvement, and, of course, a huge thank you to all the people who have donated to us this year (you know who you are!) – this money will make a real difference to people’s lives.

Thanks also go to Enid Shaw for her year-round donation of knits – hats, scarves, winter warmers (below centre) – all handmade with love and kindness. And grateful thanks to Heather (above left), who used to run St Anne’s in the Nineties, and arrived this week with a great big bag of donations, including Christmas presents for our clients (above centre). We’re always thankful to Pocket Angel which collects money from the public and channels it into buying things we might need at St Anne’s – whether that’s custard powder or bread rolls or deodorant! They are a great ally – thank you to Alicia and the team (below left, with Shelley) for their constant support.

We also want to particularly thank Llewi, Michael (above right), Eddie, Louise from Morrisons, Rob from the Somerset Centre – and Mark, who is always a welcome and friendly presence at St Anne’s.

And finally… we want to take this opportunity to properly welcome Siobhan in her new role as Catering Manager. It’s great to have her on the team, cooking up a storm!

Happy Christmas to everyone, stay safe and warm and see you in the new year!