Our local Co-op is so useful for last-minute necessities – like milk for our clients’ morning breakfast of cereal and toast – and our staff and many of our volunteers individually are card-carrying Co-op members. Every time any member buys selected Co-op branded products and services, 2p for every pound spent goes to the member, but much more importantly for us, the same amount is given to support community organisations and local causes.

In 2021, St Anne’s was accepted as one of four Brighton charities supported by the Co-op Communities Fund, and Patrick as one of our Trustees (and of course a Co-op member himself) was recently invited to a presentation ceremony at the St James’ Street shop.

Patrick with the Co Op crew from the Kemp Town stores

The sum shown on the cheque has been paid to our bank account in two tranches, with a whopping total of £4,928.50!  Our grateful thanks go to Julia (far right of photo) and the three staff members from both our local Kemp Town Co-op shops.

St Anne’s would simply not survive without such generosity and support from businesses and individuals, both locally and nationally. Our running costs amount to around £40,000 each year, and every penny donated helps us to keep on serving hot meals with a warm welcome to our regular clients, and to anyone in need in our community.

You can find out more about our involvement with the Co-Op Communities Fund – and how to become a Co-Op member yourself here.