Some of our volunteers...


“I’m one of over 30 volunteers who work at St Anne's, people usually come in once a week. I've been volunteering for about eight years now. I just really enjoy the camaraderie and getting to build relationships with people. What’s the food like? Definitely absolutely banging.”


“I joined St Anne's because I wanted to help those who are homeless, lonely and vulnerable in our community. It's extremely rewarding to see how everything we do here is so gratefully received. The atmosphere is great and I love the diversity of people who volunteer. It's brilliant how we can make use of our skills as well as developing new ones. No wonder I am still here four years later!”


“I have been involved with St Anne’s since 1996. Over the years I have met some wonderful people, staff as well as our clients, all friendly, lovely, salt-of-the-earth types. As I got to know the clients, I realised that a lot of them were shy and reserved, over time they opened up and we formed some great bonds. Being church-based was my motivation for serving them: it’s all part of our calling to help those in need.”